Dec 1, 2017

Business tip/nuggets

     Most people run their businesses online and complain of not having enough customers or people that buy their product.
There is no magic in why that is not possible..
You don't expect a writer/author to have a truck load list of friends or followers who are musicians, and you expect them to patronise you??
How possible is that? Most of them won't buy or even read it.
A lady i worked with recently complained of customers not buying her clothes online. She suggested for her friend to advertise on her social media platform, her friend wore the cloth and posted it and it resulted to many orders popping in.
You can't be running a fashion business or sell clothes online and your friends/followers list is filled with people who are not even fashion conscious. How can you sell?
You sell human hair.. and you have lots of friends who are team natural hair or team low cut. Who your human hair EPP?
The simple thing is in knowing your target audience and providing what they want. That is the only way your business will boom.

Your social media handle can sell you and show people what you do, don't just post pictures and run away.
Make your money too.
And also, sales and customers come gradually, just because you upload a picture of your product and people don't rush to your direct message doesn't mean you have failed.
Brand your business by getting a good phone for clear pictures, being friends with potential customers and learning the act of packaging.
Start posting and mingling with people who will patronize you, support you and also pray for you.
When you blow, remember me!😂

Oct 23, 2017

Series: OROBO 1

"Oga where you dey go?" I asked the danfo driver as i jumped in the empty bus.
"Wetin dey worry you? why you dey ask me? You no see conductor outside to ask. No ask me stupid question again"
I was enraged, i looked angrily at him and hurled insults too. I got down from the bus and we exchanged more and more insults while he waited for passengers.
"See as you be sef, who want make you even enter my motor. you go just consume all the space. Overload" The driver shouted.
I was hurt, i hated it when people were quick to pick on my weight when arguing with them. His statement got me so frustrated coupled with having to wear my old clothes earlier in the day and it didn't fit.
I felt terrible and resolved to start a work out. Deep down, i was determined and i wish it would stay that long.
I finally boarded another bus and headed to my aunt's shop, still thinking of the incident earlier, i vowed within myself to restrain from snacks and soft drinks.
"Ahh, welcome! I am so happy to see you. You have added o, really added" My aunt said and looked at me from head to toe, gesturing for me to turn around.
I did, smiling foolishly.
"Emeka, come and buy pizza and malt for Amaka"
"Aunty, i am fine o, Thank you"
"Thats impossible, you should have something to eat here with me"

I gave up after arguing and minutes later, pizza and malt were right in front of me. I thought to myself that i would be fine with just this one, at least the one last time.
I ate to my fill and gisted with my aunt.
"Amaka, this your weight is becoming alarming o. I doubt you will reduce this time. You will be like this forever"
"Aunty! please dont scare me, i will start watching my weight and will definitely reduce"
"I dont think so" She said, with the yinmu sign.

I was tired of the conversation and made to leave.

My weight has also been the talk of the family, friends and enemies, sometimes i wish i could look like Kim Kardashian and get rid of the excess fat but it never yielded positive results.
I lacked self control/discipline and i knew it.

I baded Aunty farewell and headed to my apartment to rest for the day.
It was late and night and the cravings were endless, i got up from the bed and made Eba with my Egusi soup in the freezer.
There was no point starving myself, i needed food. I love food and can't stop soon.

If you love this story, please leave a comment for continuation.

Queen of Katwe

Its been a while i had to watch a movie and i stumbled on this one.

It was worth it.
This story teaches a lot and shows how focus and perseverance can change one's story, it inspires and teaches you that failure should never be a barrier but rather a stepping stone to progress.

I learned lessons and would love you to also watch and learn too.

Oct 12, 2017

Have you ever been wrongly accused before?

As common as this, it hurts, especially when its coming from someone you never expected it from.

I was at the market today when the heavy rain started, i was drenched even with my umbrella, swimming the dirty water with my legs was not healthy but was the only way out. I had to pull off my slippers, and continued my journey in the water.

"Chioma" A woman screamed my name. I turned to look back and it was my neighbor, my friends mother. She has a shop at the market where she sells plantain and when she called out my name, i turned back to wave at her smiling.

I continued the walk and heard a woman shouting, so i stopped.
"I know say na you send this rain, so i no go sell market, but my God go fight for me" She was shouting and i noticed it was my friends mother she was talking to.

I smiled dismissing it as their usual market women joke not until my friends mother told me that the woman was not joking and she is abnormal.
"Ah, you be winch, wetin you tell this sister? say i dey abnormal. Na you and your entire generations dey abnormal" the woman rained insults on my neighbor and i was marveled.
"She dey evil o. Run for your life" The woman signaled to me.
"She is my mother, so shut up" I angrily fired back at her.

My neighbor was surprised on how i stood up for her, but that was the right thing to do. I got to notice how people can even badmouth you in your presence not minding the consequences. If it was someone else who doesn't know my neighbor, they would obviously believe the woman utterances.

Why do people act love to smear people's name? i found out that they both sold the same thing and it was out of sheer jealousy that made her try to pick up a fight with her.

You will just be on your own, but trouble will come and look for you.
There should be no hate among us, We ARE ONE.

5 things to do when accepting a Facebook friend request

   Ever since the inception of Facebook, people sign up for different reasons in a bid to socialize better. You can also get connected with old friends and get to know new people through this medium. Friend lists on Facebook should be naturally free from perverts, scammers and hoodlums and in making this feasible, you need to be careful on the kind of friend requests that you accept. Accepting friend requests should require your time and concentration, and using these 5 steps listed below can help in reducing fake accounts, perverts or scammers on your list:
1.    Account creation:
   For every Facebook account, the year any user signs up, it is been registered and made known. When accepting a new friend request, checking the year a user joined can also help in determining if he/she is operating a fake account. Most fake accounts are mostly new accounts, so it’s easier to detect.

2.    Recent posts:
   Scrolling through the person’s timeline gives you a little feel of such individual. Is he a sex freak? Is he vulgar? Is he professional? Is he a soccer fan? Most people tend to reveal more about themselves on their Facebook post and you need to take advantage of this channel. If there are no recent posts, there are two things involved: It could be a fake account, it could be an introvert and it could be ages they logged in. If it seems like it’s been a long time they have been online, go through their old posts and reading their biography can give you a cue of the kind of person they are.
3.    Location:
 This is so unpredictable; people keep lying about this just to belong. I know of a guy who is based in Lagos but his profile on Facebook says United Kingdom, you can imagine how misleading this is. What I do most times is to check pictures of such individual and notice their background. I am sure most people won’t find this as a bright idea because not everyone loves snapping photos at outdoor areas. In case, you have a suggestion on this, please make it known through the comment box.

4.    Relationship with people:
  Most people tend to reply on comments made on their posts than replying inbox messages. Reading their comments or rapport being made with their friends in the comment box is also a good way of knowing the kind of person they are. How well they relate with their friends, how fast they reply and how they create a mutual relationship with them.
5.    Pictures and Videos:
   This is more like a number 1 checkout. In this era of smartphones, it is really ridiculous when you see a friend request with no profile picture. Sometimes, you get to click on the profile and check previous mobile uploads of an individual if you have the time. If none is found, it is safe to disregard such friend request and move on to the others.

Aug 14, 2017

Reasons you need to know Mathematics; You can't run away from it

Mathematics is everywhere you go like MTN!

 While growing up, i always heard that no matter how fast i run away from Mathematics, i would still face it in the future. My hatred for mathematics is not something i can even describe well. I dread the subject so much and i always felt that i could never ever make good grades in them.

I guess that's where the problem lies, when you accept negative thought about something, scaling through will be difficult.

I had always wanted to be a Science student but I couldn't cope with the Science subjects and maneuvered my way to the Arts class forgetting that no matter what class you go to, Mathematics will always wait for you. It wasn't even easy and the high school i attended, i would skip Maths classes to hang around.

 I experienced a situation recently at a Job interview and i felt like i could just turn back the hands of time and listen more attentively when the opportunity placed itself. At the Interview after the written test; during the one on one section with the Human Resources Manager, he tore out a piece of paper and told me to write in words and figures: One million, One thousand and one kobo.

I stared blankly at the paper pondering on where to start from, i was clueless. i remember vividly that millions had 6 zeros, i tried to write it the way i understood. He collected the paper from me and shook his head, i felt so bad and dumb. I was not able to write the words in figures, i felt my whole life in Primary and Secondary school was a waste.

How i felt that moment was so terrible, i got to accept the fact that no matter how fast you run, you will still face Maths in the future. I drafted 3 important reasons you need to learn and study Mathematics. They include:

1. Mathematics is Everywhere: In our day to day activities, calculations are inevitable and has served as a huge function in our finance and life in general. At the restaurant, grocery store, home and lot others, Maths is essential and very important. If you are not even knowledgeable enough, you are going to lose money and other valuable assets in the process. It keeps you in check and makes you aware of your expenses.
2. Job opportunities : Like i narrated earlier, some companies will give you tests based on your mathematical skills. Being good at the subject will be advantageous for you if you face such situations.

3. High confidence level: You know what kills people the most? its when they lack that confidence to say a word stand for that word.

Most people can be asked a question which they can answer correctly, but because they lack the confidence to speak out, they end up failing the questions. Being knowledgeable in Mathematics makes you confident in your answer.

I can't believe i wrote something like this on Mathematics but experience taught me so. Don't wait for your own experience... Learn it while you can!



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Jul 22, 2017

Be proud of what you do

People engage in so many things for fun, profit,passion and a lot other good reasons. Sometimes, their passion for something turns out to create revenue for them. They can even learn new skills and hone it well.

As long as you don't engage in dubious means to make money, be proud of what you do.
I don't get it now when people get ashamed of what they do, they don't even inform their neighbors or friends about what they engage in with the excuse of "People will laugh at me". Who are those people that will laugh?

Its really encouraging when you see your colleagues and friends pose with their products, advertise their products to the world and you are ashamed of doing the same. Those people you feel will laugh at you, who told you they care or they won't be willing to buy or patronize the goods or services you offer.

In 2013, after my Jamb failure i resolved to myself that sulking at home won't work so i had to learn a skill. I learned how to make Ankara bags and Suede bags too. My bags were good because i was creative enough to make new designs. But you know what lacked in my business? I was shy, extremely shy to post my work online or even tell people what i do. I hardly even informed my friends that i produce handbags for sale. I had fears like, what would they say? ohh, they will laugh hard at me, what if they don't like it and so many other negative thoughts.

My sales were bad, i remember vividly when i got admission, i went home on vacation, borrowed some money, produced bags and carried them to church for sale. It was a Jerusalem day(Catholics will understand better), and it was announced that you could advertise what you do on that day. After battling with if i will make sales, i summoned up courage to go with positive thoughts. I stood from morning till evening with my bags on display and so single sale.

People would just come to say "Ha! Sister you try o, e fine o, weldone o" Shey na welldone i won chop?. It was late in the evening, i resolved to pack and go home when a young lady came to my stand, picked up a red purse and said "Don't you have a blue color?". I was already pissed off with the wasted efforts and managed to say, "I don't have, its only the red color" i said. "Ok, please can you produce a blue colour? i will deposit some money if you can" she said and dropped the red purse on my table. My face lit up at the mention of money, "No problem ma".
Even though, i carried my load of bags for sale home, i was a bit glad that at least i made a sale that day. I made that sale because i left my comfort zone, i went out to show people. I can't make that sale in my room, its not possible. Now, you don't even have to just go out, you can post online. That easy! and you are still shy or ashamed, then you are obviously not hungry.

So, how can you thrive in a business without advertising your own self and what you do even in the midst of other competitors. You cant succeed if you are ashamed to show or tell the world what you do for a living. Let them know. Introduce yourself and attach what you do, For example when you meet a new person and you exchange names, begin with this, "My name is Doris, I am a caterer, tailor, hairstylist or makeup artist or bead maker or cobbler or anything you do" . You have no idea if they need your services at that moment.

If you are still ashamed and hiding what you do, as long as it is legal. Please come out of your shell and tell the world! The world is waiting for you!

Happy Weekend!